Services offered


Educating courses

Obedience training

Basic companion dog - training

(with recognized VDH/SV-examination by an external judge not by  the  coach himself!)

Tracking courses

(with recognized VDH/SV-examination by an external judge)


These courses are offered in private lessons first,

 wich are followed by group-lessons.


Recently, the market expanded and obedience schools sprouted from the soil everywhere. Almost each dog association offers educating courses and playtime-lessons for dogs. Unfortunately, there is no accredited education for dog trainers. Everyone who feels a vocation, can start up a dog training center in Germany.

Occupational titles and federations are not officially certified and hence give no indication for the quality of the instructor. We would like to give you some decision support.

The following criteria should be met by a qualified training centre:

Teachers give readily information about their qualification and experience in the education of dogs.  The obedience school offers the possibility to watch the courses at least once without obligation and free of charge, before making a long term decision.

The obedience school offers  various programs, tailormade for every dog taking into account the different breeds and problems.

At group-lessons the maximum number of participants should not exceed 4  - 6 teams.  Group-lessons should be diversified instead of consisting in going around in circles. The composition of groups should be kept constant Beginners should not be admitted to ongoing groups.

Problematic dogs have to take private lessons first.  In general  there should exist the possibility of taking private lessons for all dogs.
For owners of problematic dogs counselling interviews are offered.
Prior to registration, dog-owners are instructed on what is in store for them.

Caution with the general, overhasty or careless use of brutal restraining devices, such as spiked collars or electrical shock collars. As a matter of principle the use of education tools, not approved of by the owners, may not be "enforced" by the obedience school.

Breed-specific characteristics of dogs are considered in the education.

It goes without saying that the dog owners are taught the necessary theoretical basics