Michael Pahlke

Expert for the behavior of dogs, officially appointed and sworn by the District Council of the Oberpfalz

Trainer, licensed by the Cynological Association of Germany (VDH)

Member of the SV (Schutzhund Club of Germany) and licensed trainer.

Professional Helper of the SV

For about 35 years I live together with dogs. At the age of 13 years I began to work with dogs and to train them for trials. At this time I also joined the Association for German Shepherd Dogs.

I trained various dogs of different breeds and,  at the age of 16, I became a trainer in a club.

Since then trainer of clubs and single dog-owners

From these clubs emanated dogs, who passed with distinction trials of the District Council of the Oberpfalz, of Bavaria, of the German championships and different other championships, matches and tournaments. Furthermore I trained dogs in the USA for the world championship.

Unfortunately, unlike my competitors, I cannot, refer to an impressive list of seminars I have visited, for I myself am holding such seminars.


Invitations for holding of seminars:

1992 7 seminars

1993 18 seminars

1994 9 seminars

1995 15 seminars

1996 15 seminars

1997 8 seminars

1998 25 seminars

1999 15 seminars

2000 6 seminars

2001 8 seminars

2002 6 seminars

2003 13 seminars

2004 7 seminars

2005 12 seminars

Seminars took place in Europe and in the USA.

Currently I'm going to the USA about 3 times a year  in order to give seminars on different topics.

In autumn 2005 I trained a visitor from the USA during four weeks for the participation at the North American championship.